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The 2015 International Workshop on
Sustainable Cloud Computing (SusCloud 2015)
"SusCloud 2015 is one of World IT Congress 2015 Jeju events"
February 24-26, 2015, Jeju, Korea


"If the submitted paper is NOT related with main topics of IoT 2015, the paper will be rejected without review process."

The 2015 International Workshop on Sustainable Cloud Computing (SusCloud-15) will be held Jeju, Korea, February 24-26, 2015. Computer resources in cloud computing are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically reallocated according to demand to develop the future computing. Sustainability is based on the principle of sustainable use of the computing environment and its resources, and represents an exciting and crucial issue as it determines the future computing. It needs an advanced sustainability theory and technology backbone to flourish and provides interoperability among these. For energy consumption strategy and sustainability, technologies with green cloud computing environments are the most fundamental requirements to support resource managing and discovery as well as storage.
Green cloud computing consists of interconnected “computing resources” and their virtual representations, which are addressable by using standard communication protocols. The advanced sustainability technologies have worked on combining knowledge engineering and mathematic theory to sustainably operate, manage, integrate and reason upon applications with cloud computing. This research field needs efficient methods and solutions that can structurally make sense of sustainability on cloud computing service architecture. The SusCloud 2015 solicits innovative ideas and solutions in all aspects around the Sustainability Technologies and Applications for green cloud computing. The general scope of this issue covers the design, modeling, prototyping, programming and implementation of high performance systems and applications


Areas of interest for this special issue include the following topics:
Track 1: Sustainable Green IT
-Sustainable computing with Green IT (SGIT)
-Energy harvesting for SGIT
-Energy-efficient systems for SGIT
-Internet of Things for SGIT
-Wireless sensor networks for SGIT
-Power-aware system for SGIT
-Pervasive amd ubiquitous system for SGIT
-Context awareness fpr SGIT

Track 2: Clould Computing
- Cloud Computing Architectures and Platform
- Applications amd Services for Clould Computing
- Mobile Cloud Computing
- Storage and Bigdata for Cloud Computing
- Security and Privacy for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
- Cloud Resource Virtualization
- Cloud Center
- Cloud Provisioning Orchestration
- Innovative Cloud Applications and Experiences
- Cloud computing for transportation and traffic management

Track 3: Sustainable Green Cloud and Applications
- Sustainability of Green Cloud Computing (SGC)
- Advanced and Applied Mathematics for SGC
- Computational Methods in SGC
- Sustainable Resource Management Scheme for SGC
- Virtualization Technologies for SGC
- Strategic Management for SGC
- Energy Efficiency of SGC
- Advanced Modeling and Theory for SGC
- Performance Characterization, Optimization and Design for SGC
- Security and Privacy Issues in for SGC
- Other issues for SGC